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100 ABT

  • 1. Access to all DevCon sessions
  • 2. Premium Badge & Certificate (NFT)
  • 3. Slides PDF to download
  • 4. Ebook: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Blockchain
  • 5. Paper Book: The Real Practice of Blockchain by CITIC Press


  • 1. Access to all DevCon sessions
  • 2. Free Badge & Certificate (NFT)
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Acquire or transfer your ticket(s) using your ABT Wallet. If you don't have ABT Wallet simply follow the instructions below.

How to get ABT Wallet

You need to download and setup ArcBlock's ABT Wallet to get, purchase or transfer your ticket. ABT Wallet is a fully decentralized identity wallet that lets you control your identity including access websites, apps, and control different types of blockchain-based assets such as ArcBlock DevCon 2020's event tickets in your wallet.

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Wallet Setup

After downloading, follow the steps to set up your wallet and create your first profile.

wallet setup

Prepare Your Native ABT Account

If you want to buy the premium ticket, you should have a native ABT Account in your wallet. If you don't have it, you can go to our Token Swap site create a native account with ABT Wallet , and do some recharge ( 1 premium ticket is 100 ABT).

Buy Your Tickets

With your wallet setup, you can now purchase your tickets. If you don't have any ABT in your wallet don't worry. you can still attend ArcBlock DevCon 2020 for free and attend all the sessions, talks and workshops. Now, select your ticket, sign-in by scanning the QR Code and you will see Get ArcBlock DevCon 2020 Ticket.

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